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All work appointed is individually hand crafted and bespoke to your personal requirements.

Crystal carrot emblems will be affixed to larger items.


Some of our work:

Dressage Numnah/SJ Numnah

Team Sweatshirt, Dressage Jacket, Crochet Fly Veil, Fleece Competition Rug, Dressage Gloves, Baseball Cap , Stock Ties. Seashells, Cushion, Denim shorts.


Appointments can be arranged to discuss requirements and choose colours.

If you are local I am happy to meet with you to discuss requirements and you can of course contact me via email or phone where I can set up a meeting.  I am also happy to bring along a colour chart for you to see in daylight.

Our products in action...


Equestrian Wear * Rider Wear * Logo Enhancements * Sporting Wear * Home Accessories * Clothing * Shoes  * Hats & Caps * Many Other Goods  


Many colours, shapes, shades, effects and sizes, the choice is yours.


Please take a look at some of our products.

They look much better in real life, but you can see the sparkle and quality of the designs.


  • Swarovski Embellishment - prices are affordable, starting with 100 Swarovski Crystals. 


  • Preciosa Embellishment - prices are affordable, starting with 100 Preciosa Crystals.


Please note:

  • You can have a mix of the 2 different types of crystals to reduce costs.


  • The prices above only gives a very minimal coverage.


  • If the item is small enough to be posted, please send by registered mail along with an order form for your requirements


  • Drop off/Collection Point is at Welland Valley Feeds in Market Harborough.- for larger items that are too expensive to post out.




Choice of Preciosa Crystals or Swarovski Crystals


Preciosa crystals have Swarovski elements which makes them the closest quality to that of the Swarovski which is the ultimate in sparkle.


There are 60 different colours in the Swarovski range with many shades, effects and shapes with new Shimmer, Chrome, Rose Gold, Light Gold, opaque, metals and pearls crystals being available.

Email: theresa@crystalcarat.co.uk

Call Theresa on:

Mobile: 07535 366599


Home 01858 434929

Pick up available from:

Welland Valley Feeds, Rockingham Road,

Market Harborough

LE16 7QE