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Hand wash only. If product is placed in a washing machine this must be placed inside a netting bag (Inside out or crystals on the inside to protect them, as with anything, harsh brushing or catching can cause the crystals to loosen or come off – not even the strongest glue is infallible. Larger items that require crystals are advised to have these placed onto Velcro (service which is available at an extra cost) these can then be removed before being placed into industrial washing machines.

It is best to hand wash in luke warm water, avoiding stones where possible and do not to wring or brush crystals too much. Damp cloth can be used around stones. This is the best advice i can give so they crystals do not come loose.

A small bag containing 6 crystals will be provided to each customer should they lose a stone for whatever reason. These should be reattached using only a clear drying glue. Care should be taken not to get any glue residue on the face of the stone as this causes cloudiness.

With care, no! I have washed one of my cushions on a gentle wash in the washing machine which has been stoned, it was turned inside out and all stones stayed intact. As with dance dresses these have been hand washed avoiding the stones where possible but to date none have been lost this way.

Nothing is infallible or guaranteed but over the years my experience of these stones is mainly where they are placed and how the item is handled. Over time if they are constantly washed in a machine, mishandled, get brushed against or caught, yes the stones can loosen or even come off. However, this should be a very minimal amount, if any at all, but a few stones are attached with your product just in case.

Yes, if you are able to provide the new font and size, this will be a special order that can take a few weeks.

The lettering comes in two sizes = 1.5” used for clothing and 3” which is used for rugs/numnahs. The current font used is fancy script.

Choose your own Design

If you are interested in purchasing but require a quotation in advance you will need to provide as much information as possible.

If you decide to go ahead with the order, a deposit or full payment can be taken and the order will be placed.

I will contact you to confirm all details as these will be final, prior to work commencing. Thank you.

This will depend on the following :

The complexity of the project to be embellished /enhanced and number of stones to be used and of course the number of current orders being processed

Usually, small projects can be ready within a few days subject to crystals being in stock. I will let you know when you order, and we can agree on a completion date, especially if you need for a special occasion.

This will depend largely on the size of dress and the amount of stone coverage required. Wedding shoes are not a problem.

Yes it is, but this is not recommended as cats tend to scratch and go through small apertures therefore the stones will be loosened off.

I will literally turn my hand to try anything that can be set with a stone - obviously fibre products have the best stickability, whereas metal, glass, ceramics or wood will need a slightly stronger glue.

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